The purpose of the Common Goal Lacrosse Club is to provide a fair affordable opportunity for girls to play lacrosse at a competitive level.

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COVID-19 Updates


US Lacrosse Update Page


Common Goal Updates


Common Goal is actively following guideliness and recommendations from the President's office, CDC, NYS Dept of Health, the Governor's office of NYS and US Lacrosse

At this time none of the tournaments scheduled for the summer of 2020 have been postponed or cancelled.  As our season does not begin until after Memorial Day, we will continue to monitor for updates.

We will alert all members of our club should there be an changes to our schedule activities in the upcoming weeks.



Nazareth College has alerted us that facilities will not be available for any resources until 6/1/2020.  With our intent to start practices as normal the Tuesday after Memorial Day (Tues. 5/26) we now will be starting on Monday, June 1st.



CGL has communicated to its members via email of the IWLCA and subsequent email regarding a revised Corrigan Sports on the IWLCA tournament updates.  The club will continue to access all details from tournaments as they come in to determine impacts to our summer schedule.



CGL Families,

We wish we could communicate definitive plans for the upcoming season, but we still have not heard from all of the tournament directors as to the status of their events.  Here are known facts and also some considerations that the board has developed:
  • Nazareth has closed its campus for all events through the end of August.  We will not have practices at Nazareth.  We are currently researching options for a new practice location.
  • Tournament schedule changes that we know of to date are posted on our website.  Any new dates are not confirmed for CGL to attend.
  • For those schedule to attend IWLCA sponsored tournaments - there is legal fights going on between CSE and IWLCA on whether those events will be held.  As soon as we get a clear decision, we will send out a communication.
Some considerations and occurrences to happen for us to make firm decisions:
  • NY State is part of a coalition of a handful of neighboring states that are setting guidelines together.  Some of our tournaments are held in these states.  If they stay closed in July and cancel, we will not be able to practice and attend other tournaments.
  • If tournaments cancel, we should get refunds.  If we pre-maturely back out, we will forfeit our fees.  Season refunds could be affected.
  • If guidelines recommend facemasks in public, we will not hold practices.
  • If we are able to hold a Summer season, we will not go beyond August 2, 2020.
  • The IWLCA and NCAA have not revised any recruiting windows for this year.  If any dates are changed, we will work hard to accommodate our eligible players under the new guidelines.
  • We will process any refunds once we determine the outcome of our season and understand the result of refunds from tournaments.
We have an additional opportunity for all of our players.  We have been offered the ability to join the online training and development program that 3D Lacrosse is offering to their members and other clubs.  Please watch your email for specific instructions.
Everyone please stay safe and healthy!



Tournament Updates

2020 Tournaments are making adjustments to the scheduled dates due to the COVID-19 crisis.  We will update  our 2020 Tournament Schedule page with these changes as they occur but our attendance based on a new tournament date is not guaranteed.  CGL will review all tournament updates and make decisions accordingly after impact review.  



Summer Classic - originally scheduled for 6/6 and 6/7 now move to 7/21 and 7/22  
**CGL is evaluating this change to determine if we will attend as the new dates are weekdays (Tue/Wed)***



IWLCA sent email notice of cancellation regarding all IWLCA events.   Corrigan Sports sent subsequent notice that they are not canceling these events, regardless of the IWLCA message, and have back-up dates in place.

Update of new tournament dates also were received from Live Love Lax, Capital City Classic, Lax Is Life and Dicks ER All America Lax Jam