The purpose of the Common Goal Lacrosse Club is to provide a fair affordable opportunity for girls to play lacrosse at a competitive level.

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Common Goal is partnering with one of our members, Mark Concordia, to take the role of Community Service Coordinator to promote giving back to the community in the Rochester Area.  Mark is currently on the board of Offsprings Charities and will be working to partner with CGL in making Offspings Charities one of the official charitable organizations for our club. 

Offsprings is a charity dedicated to “REBUILDING THE LIVES OF BATTERED FAMILIES” by helping bring much needed relief to the many women and children victimized by Domestic Abuse in our community. (link to website:

We feel it is a great organization for our girls to become involved with, both in volunteerism and fundraising.  The partnership will allow us to educate the community and our lacrosse families on the issues and challenges facing survivors of domestic violence.  

In this capacity, Mark will arrange fundraising and support drives involving our girls.  This is a win win situation in that we can support a great organization and our girls build their portfolios of community service.  

(Mark Concordia is currently employed by Roberts Wesleyan College as an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice & Director Criminal Justice Administration Accelerated Adult Degree Completion Program)

Other organizations Mark has establish connections with for community service:

EquiCenter, Inc. began its programming in Mendon, New York in May of 2004, offering a number of sessions: therapeutic riding and horsemanship (equine facilitated learning (EFL). Our goal is to provide a safe, appropriate, productive and enjoyable environment in which participants can work toward their individual goals. Our volunteers and horses have been carefully selected and trained for their roles.

Founded locally in 1973 by returning Vietnam veterans, today’s Veterans Outreach Center remains anchored in our community and offers a comprehensive portfolio of supportive services designed to meet the needs of veterans and their families. Through the generosity of our community, all of these programs and services are provided free of charge