The purpose of the Common Goal Lacrosse Club is to provide a fair affordable opportunity for girls to play lacrosse at a competitive level.

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Common Goal Lacrosse was established in the Fall of 2012 and incorporated as a Not for Profit organization in 2014. The Board of Directors is comprised of parent/individuals that volunteer their time to provide a positive experience for girls lacrosse players. CGL is not “owned” by any one individual, thus any surplus fees are re-invested back into the programs.
We focus on strong stick skills, tough defense, unselfish play, and a high level of sportsmanship. This is a positive lacrosse environment and we concentrate on doing all we can to offer the girls a club that they can grow with both athletically as well as socially. Great friendships through great lacrosse is what we will strive to provide to the girls and their families.
We currently support teams from 3rd through 11th grade.
Common Goal Lacrosse is a competitive travel lacrosse club – not a town or RALL club

  • Teams will be based on lacrosse ability
  • Playing time is based on ability, commitment level, and at the coach’s discretion – amount of playing time is not guaranteed
  • We play to win – within reason – High level of sportsmanship
  • The goal is to have each girl play in each game – depending on the game situation
  • Girls play on their specific graduation year team
  • We expect all girls to attend all the tournaments
  • Good sportsmanship to CGL team mates and opposing players

Player & Family Expectations
It is expected that any player who tries out for Common Goal Lacrosse and makes a team will be playing for CGL during the period covered by the player registration they completed for that season. It places CGL in a difficult situation when players take roster spots and then quit to play another sport or fulfill another commitment. Therefore, if you try out and make a CGL team, you are obligated to play.
We are seeking players who are committed to playing lacrosse for CGL. Players are expected to attend all practices and tournaments.  Due to the high demand for lacrosse throughout the year CGL provides practices and touranments through out the majority of each calendar year.  CGL normally does not conduct team activites during the months of August and September as well as March through mid-May.
Although Common Goal Lacrosse strives never to be as strict as some other club sports, CGL is seeking players who are committed to their teams and the Club. Lacrosse is a TEAM sport. We understand there are family weddings, religious events, and other commitments that players will have to miss lacrosse to attend. These will be viewed as understandable absences with prior notice to the coaches. However, playing for another club or sport and missing any CGL tournament event will not be allowed. This is unfair to the coaches and teammates. Additionally, players who are not committed to playing for CGL will take up valuable roster spots from players who would love to be part of the team and part of the Common Goal Lacrosse family. Therefore, if you cannot make the commitment to be there, please do not tryout.

Please be sure to note: As part of your commitment as a member of CGL, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should a player also expect to participate or play for another girls lacrosse club in any fashion.  This is a violation of the commitment to our program, your coaches and your teammates.  Should any of player proceed with such action, they would immediately forfeit their roster spot and all current program fees.  There are no exceptions

Code of Conduct
Participating in athletic/sport programs promote healthy lifestyles (wellness) in youth and adults through physical, social, and emotional development and should be offered to as many players and families as possible. Coaches, spectators, and participants have a unique opportunity to teach and model positive life skills and good sportsmanship. Successful sport programs require qualified coaches, players with the will to learn and desire to have fun, and spectators who are respectful and supportive. Coaches, players, and spectators should understand that their conduct will establish the reputation of the Common Goal Lacrosse and that their actions will relate directly to the success of their team. It is important that players, parents and coaches remember that an athletic contest is only a game not a matter of life and death.

Zero Tolerance
There is to be absolutely zero negative dialogue, verbally or otherwise, between or amongst Common Goal parents that would be directed towards fellow club parents, club coaches, spectators, referees, tournament committee members, opposing parents and coaches either during tournaments, practices or via any social media. The only communication, verbal or otherwise, should be focused on providing positive reinforcement for our players, coaches, parents and as well as all other participants. We fully expect complete support of this from all of our club members.

In successful sport clubs, program expectations are clearly defined and well communicated. Program goals should develop and enhance the physical, social, educational, and well-being (wellness) of all participants. While it is the nature of competition to strive for victory, the number of victories is only one measure of success. To this end, coaches must teach players to: · Prepare their minds and bodies so that they can do the best they can and then · Be modest in both victory and defeat.

Safe, well-maintained, multi-use facilities that are age and program appropriate are important elements of all successful sport programs. Collaboration and cooperation between the school districts, towns, community and travel sports organizations maximize the use of all playing fields, field house, gymnasiums, and aquatic facilities.

SPECTATORS: Parents, Grandparents, friends and family

  • Will remember that players participate to have fun.
  • Will learn the rules of the game and the policies of the league and reinforce the importance of following them.
  • Will not engage in unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind such as booing, taunting, or profane language or gestures.
  • Will be a positive role model and encourage sportsmanship by showing respect and courtesy, and by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, officials and spectators regardless of race, creed, color, sex or ability.
  • Will respect the officials and their authority during games and will never question, discuss, or confront coaches or officials at the game field.
  • Will praise players for competing fairly and always encourage them to give their best effort.
  • Will demand an environment that is free from drugs, tobacco, and alcohol and will refrain from their use at all events.
  • Will refrain from coaching from the sidelines during competitions and practices.
  • Will respect others’ property and not engage in vandalism, theft, and other forms of mischief.
  • If unhappy with any aspect of my child’s team experience as part of CGL, I will approach the coach privately and in a respectful manner.
  • If unhappy with the any aspect of the experience with CGL (my child's specific or any overall experience as a member of CGL), I will approach the club board of directors, individually or collectively to present my concerns in a respectful manner.   I will NOT use the information available to me as a member of CGL (email addresses, cell/home phone numbers, social media account) to proactively communicate my displeasure, elicit or engage fellow team or club families to incite negative action or activities or enlist fellow team or club families to pursue a different youth lacrosse opportunity.  I understand that if I should participate in such actions as noted above, our further particpation with CGL is at risk of of immediate discontinuance.


  • Will be patient and create a safe environment conducive to learning and having fun.
  • Will get to know players as individuals and be sensitive to their individual needs.
  • Will lead by example, by what I say and do.
  • Will teach teamwork and fair play, and model this behavior.
  • Will communicate expectations clearly, motivate with praise, and use criticism only in a constructive manner.
  • Will be consistent in applying discipline and enforcing team rules equally.
  • Will set age and developmentally appropriate goals for individuals and team.
  • Will respect officials, parents, spectators, opposing players and coaches at all times.
  • Will not use any athlete to further personal interests or coaching aspirations.
  • Will use community facilities with care and leave them in the same condition they were found.


  • Will make having fun the number one priority.
  • Will learn the rules of the game and the policies of the league and follow them.
  • Will not engage in unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind such as booing, taunting, or profane language or gestures.
  • Will demonstrate respect and courtesy and positive support for all players, coaches, officials and spectators regardless of race, creed, color, sex or ability.
  • Will respect the officials and their authority during games and will never question, discuss, or confront coaches or officials at the game field.
  • Will not use drugs, tobacco, or alcohol.
  • Will respect others property and not engage in any vandalism, theft, and other forms of mischief.
  • If unhappy with any aspect of my sports experience, I will approach the coach privately and in a respectful manner.


Common Goal Lacrosse - Full Year Registration
September tryouts for CGL are for the purpose of establishing player membership for the upcoming annual year, as a whole. Example - September 2016 tryout establishes player membership for all of 2017. The annual membership covers:

  • Estimated 7 Tournaments - 5 during the Summer and 2 during the Fall.
  • Outdoor practice facilities for Summer season.
  • Indoor practice facilities from October through February. Sunday mornings for 1-2 hours.
  • Team resources required - coaches, equipment, etc..

Tournament scheduling is a major factor in the “Year Round” format. Registration must be done for several tournaments prior to the summer and fall season. We want to insure we get into these higher level events and can field full teams.
Common Goal Lacrosse essentially combined the Summer and Fall/Winter seasons into one annual registration. There has been no significant addition of lacrosse time for players. CGL still supports playing multiple sports and school lacrosse during the travel off-seasons.
The annual registration process applies to players from 7th grade and above. Players in 6th grade and below will still register for two separate seasons for CGL.

EXAMPLE Payment process will be as follows:

  • Deposit following tryouts to secure roster spot. 10/X/XXX
  • Final balance payment due 2/X/XXXX

No player will be allowed to practice or play at the start of the Summer season with balance remaining.


  • Does this require a larger commitment for my daughter to play for CGL than in the past?
    No, the schedule or amount of lacrosse has not increased with this change. We have worked hard to avoid conflicts with school lacrosse and/or other sports.
  • What is contained in the full season?
    Summer months - May thru July – practices 2x per week and 5 tournaments
    Fall/Winter - October thru February – practices once a week and 1-2 tournaments
  • My daughter has always done just summer travel lacrosse. What if we can't commit to the additional months included in the full season?
    The full year program applies to players that qualify for Modified and above. Playing travel lacrosse at this age requires a stronger commitment than one season a year.
  • What happens if I sign up for the full season now and we run into a significant schedule conflict for the fall/winter season portion after summer?
    Your sign up signifies a full year commitment on your lacrosse team. We will not be providing refunds or reduced fees.
  • Will you be providing a detailed schedule for the entire full season?
    Full year schedules will be posted in conjunction with roster selections after tryouts.
  • Can I sign up for full season and pay in full knowing my daughter may not be able to make all practices or tournaments in the fall/winter portion?
    Absolutely. The focus of fall/winter practices will be individual development and stick skills improvements. We try to maintain a low key attitude in the “off-season”.  If you sign up and know you will miss a fall tournament please communicate this to your coach in advance so we can assure we have enough players for each tournament
  • What happens if we feel we can't make the full commitment if our daughter is offered a roster spot after tryouts but then realize later we can make it work and still want to register?
    You will be able to sign up for any available open roster spots or waitlist if there are none.