The purpose of the Common Goal Lacrosse Club is to provide a fair affordable opportunity for girls to play lacrosse at a competitive level.

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Late Payment Policy (revised 1/1/2018)

This policy applies to all required payment deadlines, whether deposits, incremental or final balance.

Members may be assessed a $25.00 late fee after each missed schedule payment due date until your account is caught up.

Here are examples of payment deadlines that fees can be accessed for if missed:
· Team registration invitations after tryouts required deposit payment to secure a roster spot.
· Payment schedules – examples of some payment due dates (using 2016 season) are Dec. 1, Feb 1, April 1st

Any of the above, not paid within 15 days past each due date, will be subject to the $25 late fee.  

Additional late fees may be applied if any payment/balance remains in arrears beyond 30 days or more.

Final payments for a scheduled season must be paid in full by the due date (ex. April 30) as the planned club season usually starts approximately one month later and the club relies on all member accounts being paid up in full.  Any member balances unpaid by the final payment date will be accessed a $100 late fee.

For any member who has not paid in full for any season (previous or current in progress season), the player may be held from participation.   Additionally a roster spot may considered waitlisted or even become available until these balances are rectified.