The purpose of the Common Goal Lacrosse Club is to provide a fair affordable opportunity for girls to play lacrosse at a competitive level.

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Club Information

Common Goal Lacrosse Club was formed in November 2012.  We are led by a by a group of lacrosse parents whose sole focus is to provide a unique and affordable opportunity for girls to play competitive lacrosse.
We plan to focus on strong stick skills, tough defense, unselfish play, and a high level of sportsmanship.  We provide a positive lacrosse environment and concentrate on doing all we can to offer the girls a club that they can grow with both athletically as well as socially.  Great friendships through great lacrosse is what we will strive to provide to the girls and their families.

We currently support teams from 3rd through 10th grade with the intent to grow the program until we support teams all the way through 11th grade.


Club Philosophy

  • CGL is a competitive travel lacrosse club – not a town or RALL club

  • Teams will be based on lacrosse ability

  • Playing time is base on ability, commitment level, and at the coach’s discretion – amount of playing time is not guaranteed

  • We play to win – within reason – High level of sportsmanship

  • The goal is to have each girl play in each game – depending on the game situation

  • Girls play on appropriate age team

  • We expect all girls to attend all the tournaments

  • Good sportsmanship to CGL team mates and opposing players