The purpose of the Common Goal Lacrosse Club is to provide a fair affordable opportunity for girls to play lacrosse at a competitive level.

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Common Goal Lacrosse has planned out the following details for our upcoming Fall and Winter season.  As noted below this covers tournaments, leagues, practices and fees.  Please should you have any questions.

2013/2014 Fall Winter Season          
Tournaments  Location Dates 2020-2017 2021-2023 2015
TSE Fall Classic Rochester, NY 10/6/2013   X X
Harvest Fest Pittsford, NY 10/19/13 X X X
Goblin Games Ithaca, NY 10/26/13 & 10/27/13 X X X
Next Generation Princeton, NJ 11/9/2013 X    
Church - Practice Pinnacle Church 9/10/13 to 10/17/13
(Tue. or Wed. or Thurs.)
each teams specific practice night TBD
TSE - Practice  TSE - Rochester 10/22/13 to 2/24/14
(Tuesdays only)
(includes 2020 only of this group) X  
Winter Leagues          
TSE / MCC - League TSE - Rochester Nov 2013 to March 2014
Total Cost   existing member dscount rate up to 7/15 $375.00 $325.00  
    after 7/15 for existing and new members $400.00 $350.00  
Extra Cost          
Uniforms     $75.00 $75.00  
CGL does NOT want to conflict with town or school teams in the fall tournament sesaon    
CGL encourages all players to play for their town or school and we will make every effort to help  
CGL does require all players to attend all tournaments in the fall      
CGL 2013-2014 Fall Winter registration will be open to all current Common Goal players    
CGL will open 2013-2014 Fall Winter registration to non-club members if players are needed  
CGL will look to fill 2 teams at each level  2023 to 2016/2015

* Final team numbers and coaching needs will be determine once registration has been completed.
All 2023 players are welcome to register for the Fall Winter as this is a new age group