The purpose of the Common Goal Lacrosse Club is to provide a fair affordable opportunity for girls to play lacrosse at a competitive level.

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  • How was Common Goal started?
    • Common Goal was started with the idea of offering competitive lacrosse at a reasonable price, attend skill appropriate tournaments, focus on learning the game and demonstrating the highest level of sportsmanship – “Lacrosse without drama”


  • Does the club operate in the summer only or all year?
    • We operate all year long - with built in downtime periods for player rest (August and September) and to avoid impact with the normal school seasons in the spring (March - May)
    • Our full season teams run January - December for the middle school level and up
    • Our summer only teams run April - July) for the youth level
    • Our fall/winter only teams run October - February for the youth level


  • What is the goal of the club for the growth of the players?
    • Common Goal Lacrosse Club will be fielding competitive teams
    • This club is a travel lacrosse club – not a town team – players have equal opportunity for development, but playing time is at the coach’s discretion based on game situations
    • We intend to provide the best possible opportunities, whether in practice or games, to develop and enhance the skills of each player


  • Will your club conflict with any town/school teams during the spring RALL/school season, Summer or Fall off-season?
    • We will work to avoid conflicts with town/school teams during the spring as best possible.  Our season starts right at the end of the spring RALL/school seasons so the conflicts should be mininmal.


  • What if conflicts arise with any town/school teams during Summer (June - August) or Fall/Winter (October - February)?
    • There should be no conflicts during the Summer as  we expect 100% participation during the Summer (primary club lacrosse season)
    • If conflicts arise during the Fall, we expect you will support your Common Goal team as your priority.
    • During the Fall/Winter, if your town/school team is short players required to play, please see your club coach.  If your club team has more than enough players, your coach has the option to support your playing with your town/school team so they can participate.


  • Can I play or practice with another club while being a member of CGL?  (ex.  I get asked to help another local club team at a tournament)
    • As part of your commitment as a member of CGL, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should a player also expect to participate or play for another girls lacrosse club in any fashion.  This is a violation of the commitment to our program, your coaches and your teammates.  Should any of player proceed with such action, they would immediately forfeit their roster spot and all current program fees.  There are no exceptions


  • Who will be coaching my daughter?
    • We will have a local area coaches (school or college) and/or college player coach each team


  • Will any girls play up from their current grade level (graduation year)
    • All girls will play at their age appropriate grade level.  Each team roster is intended to be filled by players in that grade level only. (** only in extreme circumstances, such a roster shortages, will a player be asked to help an older team)


  • At what level are you looking to make cuts
    • No cuts will be made at the 6th grade and below level
    • Cuts will be made at the 7th and above


  • What are the grade levels you support?
    • We currently support teams from 3rd through 11th grade team (teams are designated by their graduation year).


  • Will you have split grade level teams?
    • We plan to field as many teams as possible – 1 or 2 per age group – depending on the total number of girls that are committed.  Split teams may occur on an as needed basis but we intend to avoid split level teams.


  • How many girls will you have on each team?
    • We plan to have 15 girls per team at the 3-4 level
    • We plan to have 18 to 20 girls per team at all other levels


  • What tournaments and camps will the teams be attending?
    • All teams will attend the base tournaments
    • Out of state tournaments will be decided on a team by team basis – additional fee per player
    • Nike Camp will be decided on a team by team basis – additional fee per player
    • TSE indoor leagues will be decided on a team by team basis - additional fee per player


  • What are the club colors?
    • Our colors are Orange-Silver-White


  • If I owe a balance and wish to mail a check, where do I mail it to?
    • Please send checks to the following address
Common Goal Lacrosse
C/O Lisa Williamson (treasurer)
6936 Proximity Lane
Victor  NY 14564
*please not we highly encourage timely payment via credit card using our online payment system

Please any additional questions that you may have.

Common Goal Lacrosse Board