The purpose of the Common Goal Lacrosse Club is to provide a fair affordable opportunity for girls to play lacrosse at a competitive level.

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At the end of July, Coach Manda Carlile will be traveling to Uganda as a member of the Fields of Growth Lacrosse Volunteer

Corps (LVC) on a mission to serve, coach and learn. In Uganda they will give back to others who haven't

had the same opportunities we had growing up, in both sport and education. Please consider supporting

her trip with kind thoughts and donations.  She needs the support of family, friends and community to

make this trip possible.

Not only will her work be on the lacrosse fields, but as part of the LVC she will be serving in hospitals and

schools. (Manda: "I know this trip will be as much development and growth for myself as I am giving back to the

children in Uganda. I am extremely passionate this trip and I can't wait to share my experiences with


Please consider a donation towards her trip. Fields of Growth is a 501c3 non-prot and all gifts are tax

deductible. You can contact her for more info or mail checks directly to Fields of Growth at PO Box 2,

Avon, NJ 07717, but please be sure to put her name on the memo line. You can also donate at


Thank you for considering a donation to support my trip and Fields of Growth.


Manda Carlile



List of needed items:


o Sticks

o Equipment: Helmets, gloves, arm pads, shoulder pads, goalie chest protectors, balls)

o Stick kit items: (Athletic tape, old mesh pockets, sidewall string etc.)

o Lacrosse DVDs and Game film

o Lacrosse Magazines and books: Rule books and guides.

o Books: We are building a reading library in the FoG Compound

o Office & School Supplies (For the HOPEFUL school.)

o Jolly Ranchers (small and individually wrapped which makes them easy to hand out to children.)

o First Aid Supplies (Important for the HOPEFUL school and the Uganda Lacrosse Union.)

o Lacrosse gear/clothing. (Old t-shirts, shorts, pinnies.)

o Cleats/Children’s Shoes/Sneakers

o Deflated soccer balls