The purpose of the Common Goal Lacrosse Club is to provide a fair affordable opportunity for girls to play lacrosse at a competitive level.

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Our club not only works towards overall player development but we will actively work to promote our players towards their goal of playing at the college level.  There are several steps involved and we will work closely with both player and parents through to your senior year.

To get things started, we need to capture your scholastic and lacrosse information for the player recruiting profile that we can provide to college coaches at recruiting tournaments or as requested.  To get started we ask that you gather scholastic information as well as school and coach details so you are prepared to fill out the profile questionnaire online via our website.   You will a "CGL Player Recruiting Profile" tab under Recruiting.  Please go there to enter your player profile data.

To further your understanding of this process, please review the additional sub tabs of the Recruiting section of our site for helpful information.  We will also be speaking to players and parents directly and via e-mail communications to help support you with as much guidance as possible.

We look forward to providing the best experience possibly for you!